picking up/thowing small objects (with your hands)

I would like to see using the “use” key to pick up small objects (like in HL2) and primary to throw them a small distance (also like in HL2)in gmod. why did they take it out? It would be cool to see maybe a punch or kick feature, that damages NPCs, too. Nothing like the spartan kick, just a NORMAL kick or punch, with REALISTIC force. like you would a soccer ball. I dont want to punt a fortress across a map, i want to drop kick a headcrab or punch breen in the face without his corpse becoming a deadly projectile. Lots of possibilities with this piece of code. Fistfights with other players in RP? Soccer and Football servers?

For grabbing, there is this. It isn’t perfect though.

For kicking, there is the smod kick. It is like the spartan kick but helpful.

For punching, you could use this addon.

These are just current addons. Give them a try and see how they turn out.