Picking up two of the same weapon?

Is there any sort of function that will allow picking up two of the same weapon and being able to switch between both individually? I realize that I can create a work-around for this if not, but I only want to do that as a last resort.

No. Source does not allow you to have more than one of a weapon equipped. (In fact I don’t know of any FPSes that let you do that)

Fallout 3. :3: I mean any game with an inventory system since that’s probably what he’s looking for.

To put it simply, some guns will just be one base weapon with different variables. I guess I just need to handle the weapons and weapon switching myself.

I found a hacky way to do this. I registered several copies of the same weapon (one “real” weapon and then created 31 weapons based off of that weapon) and then whenever the player was given an item it checked to see what weapons he had. If he already had one given weapon (eg “itemforge_item_held_1”) then it would check to see if he had another (eg “itemforge_item_held_2”) and try to give him that.

This worked for me since I only use one SWEP for all the items in my entire system, but you’d have to create several copies of every weapon you wanted to have multiples of if you wanted to do that.

There’s no real need to register multiple weapons, you can set variables at random when spawning them. Now what you need is an inventory to store these weapons while they’re not equipped (which means a special pickup code) and a way to display their stats for comparison.