PickPocket SWEP Where???

Darkrp just created Lockpick. But they dont have pickpocket. I wonder u guys have a pickpocket swep because other people dont release/Work pickpock SWEP. So if u guys have it so please send the addon link. I dont care if the player is afk and get pickpocked. I just want the darkrp be Better and realistic!

I see you’re new here, but if you want a request for an addon, this is not the right section.
I recommend searching around, though some SWEPS are for GMod 12. I doubt that there will be people willing to give them out freely.

There already is a default weapon checker in DarkRP, it would be an easy conversion to gaining a chance based loot of a random item find from the results. You would probably need to find yourself a coder for that though.

This is assuming you already tried googline for it yourself and didn’t find anything.

You can easily purchase it off CoderHire and thank the authour :slight_smile:

But I cant code so good. Idk how to make pickpocket that take money

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is there a pickpocket that is free?

Nothing is free in this world.

You shouldn’t even be running a server if you’re not willing to pay for it.

Give the guy a break. His paper-round probably cuffed up just enough money to pay for his 16-slot server. Give him a break for trying to scrap togheter some server parts. I really think Facepunch needs a ‘begging’-board seeing as half of the forum was already made cynical anyways.

You could probably round up some donations from your server, offer them a special job.