Pickup truck

Bleh, no fancy tech yet because I’m lazy. Fuck yeah weight suspension.





Post apocalyptic


Gotta work on the front and some fancy tech. There’s also a post-apocalyptic version, which is better because it doesn’t have the blockass front. Pics coming later because I’m in a hurr-y now.

BTW I made it around 3 days ago when I was still banned, so fffffffffffffff Butler.

(2100 post wee)

lol, the bed looks a bit too long, also weight suspensiongonnangettsrapedolololol. Anyway I like the interior, but the overall car is kinda blocky/boxy. still good though. Add more awesome, thne awesome.

It looks very nice.

Fffff and it was already shortened.


the cab is really, really weird


Updated with “post-apocalyptic” version :V

Looks cool, i like the dash board. I would angle the front wind sheild a little more but i like the truck overall.

it looks pretty weird
if you want to make it look less weird, move the cab up, making the window start right where the wheel well ends, and shorten the truck bed

I see you are going for the uni-body design. Looks good, but try to make the cab a little more…cab-like?

super doofy proportions

cab is too small, rear overhang is too short, car needs to be taller and more raked