I’m making a gamemode and I was wonder how do I pick up props using E?
I want to know how to pick up props using E. I want to add it to my gamemode.
Please help.


If you can help can you give me instructions how to add it to my gamemode?

Just stick it in your addons.

Ok thanks.


Are you sure it goes in the addons folder? It looks like it goes in Garrysmod/Garrysmod


Well,this is way more hl2 realistic.

The fast attack have been removed in this version.

I don’t really like this one.
I like this one.

It is more realistic, in a way, but if it doesn’t work out in my gamemode I will use that one.

Awates grab is a little fake, it sucks in an object liek a vacuum, so it can kill you if its to heavy, and once its at a certian position it just spams a keep upright script… I think