Pickupable CSS Weapons

I want some kind of entity that , when stepped on, will give me a CSS swep e.g. A knife entity gives a knife swep. The sweps I would like to be given are the CSS Realistic Weapons. Any chance anyone can make this? Also maybe even ones that are admin only e.g. have the knife and deagle be for anyone but all other weapons admin only.

Uh. By default, walking over spawned SWEPs should pick them up. You can spawn a SWEP in the world by right clicking the SWEP’s icon in the Weapons tab. Spawning a SWEP with ent_create or ents.Create() should also place it in the world and people will receive the SWEP when they walk over it.

You can also download RealCS, or Realistic Counter-Strike SWEPs off of garrysmod.org if you want. Actually, tonnes of people have made what you’re asking for, so you can pick other ones too.