Pics of my house and surroundding Area

Here are some Pics of my house and surroundding Area.
Its my first build. What do you think

i love all the village like stuff around it, but I struggle to praise someones floating house. they just look ugly to me, and i don’t like the exploit it abuses.

Hi thanks the server is modded to allow building like that. Its meant to be a creative server to experiment with building designs. It also has really high resources to allow these creations

I took your advice and redesigned the area removing the floating house. I also added several others houses and walkways and bridges. Also added Pets to the server so now i travel with a trio of bears.

absolutely love it:) i know it’s more prone to raiding, but it just looks so much more natural. good job:)

Would be nice if places like this could exist without being emptied by raiders. Some day!

I was thinking of creating 2 areas like that on my server. Each would have a different faction and would guard there areas from each other. I have lots of good ideas on how to develop this server. Just implemented pets so now I travel with 2 pet wolves. Any thoughts?