Picture Gun Moves When Taking Picture?

So recently today I was posing in Garry’s Mod and I noticed that when taking pictures with the picture tool built in it moves when taking a picture. Like I zoom in, then take a picture it zooms in again once then when I stay in that 2nd zoom it stays, but when I zoom back out and do the same it re zooms in. So is there a glitch with the picture tool on gmod? Or is it me?


Are you talking about when you change back to the gun it goes back to normal? It is suppose to do that.

One time when i wanted to take a picture i got the HL2 pistol, And when i took a picture it fired and showed up:


I’m having the same problem, when using the camera tool and zooming in with it, every time I click to take a picture it zooms forward, that can be fixed by pressing F5 instead of clicking, but the camera tool used to stay zoomed in if I switched back to it later, now it resets itself, really sucks cause I use the zoom in feature alot.

edit: uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t help.

No I’m on the picture taking stool and I zoom on in and click the mouse it zooms in once again when I didn’t want to.


And right now I’ll make a video for you all to see what the actual problem is since it’s a little hard to explain in words.

Yeah, I’m having the same problem with the camera tool. It’s really annoying since I use it all the time. :<

Also when you switch to the physgun and then back to the camera it forgets how much you zoomed in. So you have to right click then it’ll zoom back to the position you had. Damn weird.

Worked great before the latest patch.

Solution. Get fraps or any other screen recording\ screenshot making program.

Hit ‘R’. It should reset the view. The view shouldn’t move at all as long as you don’t move the mouse when taking a picture, as holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse rotates/zooms the camera.

No, you see, like me, he has this problem, where, if you zoom in, get the angle you want, and take the pic, the fucking thing zooms in even more so much so the pic is ruined, and it does the same backwards.

Or you know, he could hit F5.

or just take out the camera tool and then use the printscreen key.