Picture I made in gmod a long time ago....


I made this picture in de_office.

its…not really the best but I’ll help ya abit.

if you wanna post things here and get some nice responses follow these guide lines

1.Don’t mark your picture with your name, and date.

2.Bring up all your graphics to max and if can’t handle the constant graphics then do it just before you take the shot.

3.Don’t use NPCs in your screenshot, it’s just lazy.

4.Zoom in your camera to get rid of empty space.

5.make the picture make sense, I don’t really know what your trying to show in this picture.

and finally 6. Realistically pose your ragdolls, do the actual pose yourself and look at your self to see how it looks.

and with all of these you should improve and be a nice member of this thread.

A REAL LONG TIME AGO, back in '94.