Picture in under 40 Minutes

Well, a couple weeks back, I was dared at Garry’s Mod Brasil (yes, it’s written with an S, quit using the damn Z) to make a picture in 40 minutes at max and some of the peeps there thought it was a good idea.

I thought it was a good idea as well, and I was bored as hell so I did it (while I should have actually been studying, just like now, I’m actually writing a thread instead of studying for Math.)


Anyway, in case you want to know, I failed it, couldn’t finish it in the time limit, so I ended leaving some small mistakes, I think everybody here noticed some, since there’s a lack of Super DoF and a couple of other stuff such as the Face posing.

It’s the English spelling, cara. You’re on a site where the main language is English, better get used to it!

I’m hardly an expert but I’d say any minor issues don’t make it any less impressive. I think it’s a pretty good shot and I certainly couldn’t make anything as good in that time (then again, like I said, I’m no expert).

Eh, but Portuguese remains true correct speaking, companheiro. (agora que eu vi que tu és portuga)


Vad i helv…

Va ända in i helv…

Va gö ni

what the hell is going on here

röker snus

Elexar made a foolish attempt to communicate with you, however in his failed state he awoke the Swedes of this subforum.


I didn’t know Facepunch was also the best place on the Internet to learn Swedish. BÖRK