Picture Scroller

Hai Der,

I just thought this would be a cool idea: On my server, we have a nice playerbase that makes some pretty lul worthy stuff. Perhaps we could put a prop (or entity) that could scroll through some pics in a folder. Maybe order them if possible, not such a big deal though. I don’t know if there is an addon that does this, but it would indeed be pretty pwn.

Thx for reading,

Teh Kingzor

PS: Like a bilboard or sumtin :smiley:

So, something like this:

But for pictures in your folder? It would require to that picture to upload somwhere, or directly transit to other clients computers in order to show them it. I think its possible to make as some addon.

Yea, but just for like pictures. Or maybe a picture host that could provide a flash slideshow that just keeps repeating its self. So we could use html.

BTW thanks for replying