Pictures from a Dark RP server last night....


The beginning of an awkward journey… Was taken about four months ago in a small time Dark RP server attempting to start a religion known as Mingebagadom.





Dark RP’ers roleplaying a situation where they are a force of Dark RP Resistance groups that are trying to protect their server from an attack of Plane Builders/TnB forces. In this scenario they are roleplaying being in a trench ,and are cooking dead Dark RP’ers and their children to survive the cold winters of Downtown-V2.


A picture of the Trench.

In this time we also narrated a scenery of thoughts… One of which I didn’t record but I can remember perfectly…

Everyone didn’t participate in the roleplay but a lot of people said they would spawn camp me if I removed the trench so we kept it their until the server crashed. All in all it was a pretty good night.


It’s the screenshot subforum… I thought it was alright to post screen-shots even if they weren’t posing ragdolls.

Not because of this.
Whats roleplay?

Roleplay has different meanings and varies from group to group. To me roleplay is just a way to be someone else ,and do something amazing away from what your use to doing.

Sounds strange.
Whatever cant tell much about the pictures because dont know what roleplay is.

Eh…? You’ve never roleplayed before?

The only thing I did was posing.

Essentially it turns gmod into a light RPG. Where people take up jobs and work for money, or become criminals and cause mayhem. It’s really fun.

DarkRP is not so good anymore.

I heard RP is full off mingebags and Random Killers.

the only real rolepaly i found was a resident evil one…but my god was it boring as shit
the regular players were civilians…with no weapons…

kinda defeats the purpose of playing on a RESIDENT EVIL roleplay server

the only one who could have the least fun was the donators,who were guards…

so there is this,and regular rp servers with this:

never had a good rp experience…

You’ll see your fair share of minges in RP (mostly Dark RP) but you learn to ignore them (or in my case, smack them with a banhammer)

It really depends on the server too.Go on a random DarkRP server with Downtown V2, and enjoy dodging RDMers. If you go onto a no-nonsense server Like TnB, minges don’t last very long, due to the strict passive (and sometimes boring) RP.

I prefer TnB.

I tried it now.
I built a gun shop buied some guns.
Somebody throw a nade and everything got unfreezed. Than they robbed my story.
Roleplay sucks.

Your avatar completes that post…

you grilled a fucking baby wtf