Pictures from Hunter's scrapped big posing project

125 Ragdolls.
Originally was going to do a panning shot. But fuck that shit.
So here are the pictures I salvaged.

haha holy shit

That’s a lot of ragdolls

Just. Fucking. Epic.

Terrific…ly well done.


reminds me of the shit I used to do with a whole lot of zombie ragdolls in gmod 9

good job

gnarly as fuck

This got me killed in Killing Floor as I alt-tabbed to check this out. Nonetheless, this is pretty awesome.

What is the female model in panel 6 called? I have seen many variations of it around the personal skin thread.

Amazing posing, though I don’t know what the fuck’s going on.

Very cool Hunter

I see reference from many games.

Awesome. I do poses like this a lot. I just start posing a shit ton of whatever I’ve got in my addons folder until I get a better idea or I spawn a ragdoll with a poly too many and Source implodes.

I like making Source cry.

Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect 2?

I love you and this is lovely

Wow… i don’t really know what to say other then it’s just outstanding, awesome work!

I load 25 ragdolls and smoke comes out of my computer. ._.

By the time I was done, the panning movie idea was virtually impossible due to the frame rate. :v:

Are those homefront resistance models i see behind that securitron?