Pictures I've Taken Over the Years

For the past 1~2 years I’ve taken many pictures with Gmod, so I’ve taken the best ones and posted them here, please tell me what you think about them! (btw if you notice, I’ve paid VERY close attention to detail and sorry for pics being so big, and they were cut off a bit so to see them full size just right click on them and click View Image)

Scorpion (Klassic) finds Koin:

CS:S meets DBZ

TF2 meets Assassin’s Creed

(Classic) Super Sonic

(Classic) Super Sonic using Kamehameha

You gotta be joking.

I think you’re looking for “Want to post your picture but don’t want to make a thread”

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because these are pretty shit in all honesty

Oh, sorry for them being shit, i just wanted to see if anyone liked them

If these are the best ones in about 2 years … Dude … No.
Use custom Maps, Custom Models … and this would be just the beginning of improvement.
The Sonic on Fire pic could be okay, if the map would be another.

Now I just need to figure out how to delete this thread

I would recommend you find… well, there’s a whole list of things I would suggest you do.

Firstly, y’need some good maps man. Construct isn’t meant for pretty pictures, it’s meant for building ugly and dangerous diesel-punky machines. Stuff like this, and this.

Secondly, as with maps, you need good models. Now, you can do what you want, but it’s good to keep a varied pallete or else you can only do so many things. This section should help you out, but don’t just make a thread asking for some pretty models; you’ll have to look around for them and find something you want to work with.

Thirdly, you should probably get GIMP. It’s free and fairly easy to use, so you can edit your pictures as much as you want.

Fourth, and most importantly, POST PROCESSING. It should be a tab just above the tools one, and in there you’ll be able to fiddle about with various effects. It’s super-simple and you can make brilliant filters pretty easily, as well as enable various other effect like bloom and super-DOF.

Also, be sure to check out the sticky. It’s got some neat tutorials that should help you get started. Remember, though: before you take a picture, ALWAYS turn your graphics up to full. It’ll make it look reasonably good no matter what you’ve done, though obviously not as good as it would be with everything else listed here.

Follow this advice and I’m sure you can produce something a bit more worthwhile.