Pictures of Your VMF List

I got bored today and I thought it would be an interesting so see what kind of Map files people have.

I have a lot, probably not as much as some but its enough to start off the thread.


Use [noparse][img_thumb][/img_thumb][/noparse] for the pictures.



I’m not hiding anything, and Id like to see others do the same.

Why is one of my maps in there (first one on third image)

I started making that for the 1024^3 competition.


I’m organised.

Mines kind of like that.


Projects I’m working on never leave my Hammer’s “recent projects” list, so I don’t bother with organisation. :v:

Kept on the desktop for easy access.
I used to have a lot more random crap, but my old computer died.


some cool file names in there



something for a mod i was going to make but i got bored

My other computer (which I sold) had about 3-400, but hey, I’m working my way up again. :3


oh right

i thought you meant like

actual ms-dos

Why dont have the “Sourcesdk_content” Folder? O_O

I recently installed Windows 7 so I have like 1 map. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine is not really tidy, and most of those maps are mostly nothing but some displacements and other stuff, some of them are completed though

Oh Judas. I never have deleted a VMF since I started Hammer.

Vbits would you img_thumb those



could you possibly get some pictures of those maps, I’m kinda curious as to what would be contained in a map called fagstick…


I mean could bull04 get some pictures, not CoolCorky