Pictures too late for Garry's TF2/Gmod promotion

I made these a bit late but they were okayish. I haven’t played Gmod in a while so yeah.

This one is called Heavy’s Birthday

This one is the scout on some thing jumping off a ramp. exciting.

This one the spy’s fallen comrades come to take revenge on them.

I don’t really need C&C, I know they aren’t that great and I wouldn’t improve much on them if I could, I was just bored.

i feel bad for the heavy.
for all 3 pictures i give it a 8/10

the scouts face is priceless haha

oh yea and the last one its the worst in my opinion why this is

  1. to many dupes
  2. bad textures on the dupes and also if they were zombies they wouldnt stand like that.

I just tried to make tons of them, it was the idea of rebuilding the people out of the gibs that started when Gmod first moved to the OB engine, but I see what you mean

I like this, even though most will complain “Ugh construct!”
I really like.
It has that fresh feeling, the same I had when I played Gmod for the first time.

I used construct because Garry said you couldn’t use any copyrighted levels for the contest. So construct came to mind.