Piece of Eden

I need help modeling a Piece of Eden, from now on referred to as a POE. It’s my goal to create most, if not all of the known POE. If you are unfamiliar with the POE, they are objects with extraordinary functions, and play a unique role in Assassins Creed one and two. I need any modelers willing to create detailed models for the POE.

Some POE:
Apples of Eden (5 in total, all identical and with same functions. Also known as the Golden Apples)
Staff of Eden (Also known as the Papal Staff)
Sword of Eden (Also known as Excalibur)
Shroud of Eden (Also known as the Shroud of Turin)

Some Pictures:

Apple of Eden


A video showing usage of the staff and apple.

I am in desperate need of high detail screenshots of the Staff. The sword is shown in a painting in game, and the shroud is only described. If anyone is willing to take a whack at drawing or modeling the sword or shroud,and know what they look like, please do so.

The POE have numerous abilities which I will detail if I actually get the project of the ground.
This is officially being dubbed as “Project Eden”.

This sounds like you’re describing a massive mod or something.

For the moment its a model request. If anything it will be an add on allowing users to actively use the POE. Which reminds me, I’m also going to need a view model for each POE as well. I have no modeling experience, so I seek the help of others with more skill in that area. I will need coders as well if any are willing to help, but that will come at a later stage, if at all.

Also, anyone know how to place images in a “View Image” box? I noticed the page takes a little longer to load because of the picture.


I also think you’re asking for quite a bit.

For the moment, all I’m asking for is a model of the apple of eden, shown in the picture above. If somebody wants to try and model any of the other POE they are welcome too. I realize I may be asking a bit much, thats why I’m kindly asking for help in this matter.

And thanks for the image tags.