Pieces of my Work(Zoey runs into a Hunter and Game Over for Gordon)

After some Pics in the “Want To Post Your Pic But Don’t Want To Make A Thread” Thread, it’s Time for my first own Thread. So I’ll show you two pieces of my Work:

This Pic was made 2 days ago and it’s called:
“No! No! Please, no!”

This One was made today and is called:
“Farewell, Mister Freeman”

C&C would be nice.
Thanks in advance.


The bloom looks bad IMO
still,the first pic looks good,just reduce/remove the bloom next time

same as DEMONSKUL too much blurry and the muzzle flash is so fake in the first pic

bloom looks bad
bloods a bit too bright, and posing of combine is really bad

I tried to create some kind of Atmosphere in my Pictures.
Look’s like it didn’t Work. But i just like these “a bit far from realism” Lighteffects.

And Yes…The Combine Pose is really not good. The Pic was made very late at night after some hours of Final Fantasy XIII…Maby it would be better if i had invested more time in it.

But the only Way to get better is to work harder!

Just make something that looks like my butt. And you will win Artistics.

Made a new one.
It’s called: “Raging Alyx”.
C&C would be nice. Thx.

Honestly the fake factory Alyx models look nothing like her anymore.

Sure, they made Eli, Mossman, Grigori, and even Gman look more realistic, but they went ahead and destroyed Alyx. FYI a middle age ugly lonely woman with no friends or family who hates life isn’t really that pretty. (Using Chell’s face model for Alyx)

should have make a new thread

Well, on your second pic; It’s ok I guess, but that faceposing is pretty ugly. But I can see that if you just put some extra work on that, you’ll become a veteran in no time.

And here is another One.
It’s called: “GMan vs. Freeman”

Lol G18 noob