Pig Head From the "Saw" movies Player Model

I would love a player model of Pig Head from the Saw series. (Because the title didn’t state that already) I don’t have much to give now, but I’d be happy to pay you back some how when I can. So, yeah…

What he looks like (Ignore the Puppet on the Tricycle next to him :P): http://www.hauntedshop.co.uk/images/sawpig.jpg

Better version of the head I’d like to have, if possible: http://images.buycostumes.com/mgen/merchandiser/21931.jpg

So, overview: A guy in a dirty, gruesome pig mask. The mask is all nasty with…little rings in the mouth, I guess? (Sorry, just noticed that, you don’t have to add that if you don’t want). That mask also has ugly long hair, kinda like my sister. The body is a red robe with Black interior. There’s also Black Gloves and dress shoe. Finally, on the right arm, there’s a wrist blade, which I’ll have to have another epic person make a weapon for me, but I know that’s not the correct forum for that.

Thanks, if you want to Steam add me, my account-friend-adding name thing is Glitch_frog

Thanks :smiley:

If it was in the Saw game, lilwasa probably got it.

Well lillwasa was working on Saw game ports and he did do the pigmask but I don’t think hes going to finish it. I recommend talking with PeeterCZ, hes been doing some Saw ports recently, he did a few traps and Amanda

Do you have links for said traps and Amanda?

And sorry, I forgot there was a Saw game, so I didn’t think anybody made much yet.

He hasn’t released them yet. He put up some images though