Pigmasks celebrating New Year's Eve



I don’t know.

Poor Demoman. :ohdear:

Lol ghost is fu***** pumpkin.

I actually laughed so hard when you said that.

That image looks very sexually oriented.

I mean…

That ghost … And these gloves.

Did anyone notice the direct hit looks like a giant dickpump anyway? Hurrrr
Good pic but i don’t really get what’s going on.

I don’t know about you guys, but you’re all getting the wrong message here. :v:

why is it i see an advert for condoms at the bottom of this page?

They’re telling you to use it.

Why? i pleasure women with painful unlubed enemas

I get EVONY advert.

Me too.

Anyway about the pic, I noticed the demo is falling through the cart a bit.

You’re right. God damn it.

I got a TimeForce advert, sounds cooler than it is…
anyway, on topic! have a funny! :razz:

Velocity 800/850 biometric timeclocks.

Poor demo man.