Pigmasks surrounding a Demoman



He’s drunk, he won’t feel where they put that harpoon.

Indeed he won’t.

Wheres the chimera

On vacation.

That is what they are trying to find out.

This makes me moist

That’s nice, dear.


They’re not so cute… If you played the gamemode they constipate you in the asshole.

I don’t care if they’re racist or enjoy constipating dragons, they still look cute to me.

what a coincidence:

That’s nice, dear.

Somebody thinks highly of them-self.

Stay positive my fellow optimistic brothers.

I’m not your brother. But I always have.

that makes me even more moi-FSSSSSSSSJHUUUUUUUU!

Shut up deathbucket.

I’m like butthurter’s anal demon thingy.


i feast on the repeated attempts to shun him via enemas

wow i think i’ve regressed to, as freud put it, the Anal stage.

I’m just going along with what you said.