Pikmin 2 Water Dumple

I need a Water Dumple ragdoll for my machinima.
First if some one could get the model from pikmin 2 Gamecube PM me and we will talk there.
Second if you know any one good at porting and ragdolling let
me know. Now I need it to be accuratly compared to Aska49’s pikmin.
I will give credit in the credits for any one who helps.


If some one has the textures I’ll see if I can make my own skin.
And I mean like a reskin. I’ll just need somebody to Hex it and shit.


Heh. Would be interesting to see in GMOD. Headcrab replacement, anyone?

No my friend, it is called a waterdumple. I think a headcrab replacement woould be funny but it’s not what I want. I want just a ragdoll.

Er…well actually, how big is it? Compared to a “human” I mean.

About the size of a gold dollar

If you scaled it to be in sync with a human’s height, it’d be about the size of a horse.

I didn’t mean scaling it to sync with a human. I meant as compared to a human.

Size of a gold dollar would never work as a headcrab cos you could never see it lol…

Ok I want it acurately sized compared to Aska49’s pikmin.
Also in the games reality it would be the size of a quarter.

They are bigger then Olimar, By the Manual’s description, Oli is the size of a quarter.

If it goes by Aska’s Pikmin, it’d be the size of a Bullsquid,maybe a bit bigger

How do you expect someone to model from a 122px × 91px image? Seriously, there need to be new rules on what you post when requesting something.

Well one your not making a model Gordon Freeman. Just ripping it.
Second they would not be the size of a bullsquid.
They are no taller than olimar. Counting the helmet.
So yes we need some one to rip the model.

Somebody would have to make a model from scratch

theres no possible way that i know that can allow somebody to rip the models unless you use an emulator and stuff

Also, why must you have pikmin? why can’t you just say “this headcrab is gay, lets use it anyway”

First Im not ask for pikmin. It is from pikmin.
Second aska49’s pikmin are ripped directly from the game.
Third I don’t want a headcrab replacement, I want a ragdoll BECUASE I’m using it
for my machinima, hence I need it acurately sized to aska49’s pikmin, since he has the only pikmin models made, enless someone wants to make another set of pikmin AND a waterdumple.
No? I didn’t think so.
Any more dumb ass questions… No offence.

Oh and yes I do believe it is from a emulator.