Pikmin Beats/Enemies

/misspelled title lol.

This is my first addon, so I hope it is good enough :3 .

There’s 32 ragdolls:
Anode Beetle
Antenna Beetle
Beady Long Legs
Bulbmin (leader)
Red Bulborb
Bumbling Snitchbug
Decorated Canon Beetle
Canon Beetle Larva
Cloaking Burrow-nit
Segmented Crawbster
Creeping Chrysanthemum
Emperor Bulblax
Fiery Blowhog
Fiery Bulblax
Flint Beetle
Gatling Groink
Giant Breadbug
Hermit Crawmad
Orange Bulborb
Puffy Blowhog
Raging Long Legs
Spotty Bulbear
Swooping Snitchbug
Water Dumple
Watery Blowhog
Yellow Wollywog

I messed up the texture on the Creeping Chrysanthemum, and the Fiery Bulblax is a little spaz. But other than that, everything should be satisfactory. Hope you find a use for it! :smiley:


Well done, been hoping for these for a while :smiley:

They look like they need to be smoothed, though…

I’ll DL it and see how it is in my game, though :slight_smile:

I’m definitely gonna make use out of them too! But yeah, they should be smoothed.

Also, I’d really like Waterwaith if you can.

Well I’m a bit of a noob so this is the best I can do :stuck_out_tongue: .

As for the waterwraith, I already tried and I couldn’t get it to work the way I wanted :confused: .

Fuck yes, Pikmin.

Although I don’t like the scale on the Emperor Bulblax, that’s really more Nintendo’s fault for turning the final boss of the original into a regular enemy, not your fault. I’ll just rescale it if I need to.

Yea, gonna have to say a lot of them are pretty small. And some had collision problems, and the bulborb for example was tough to grab its mouth.

Oh god…the daddy long legs… and the other spiders… :byodood:

But great models, got my download.

Great models. You should make do Olimar, Louie and all the Pikmin next.

Aska already did the Pikmin.

Ha, I never remembered the Raging Long Legs being missing texture-colored. That was a pretty good game, too bad I always ran out of Pikmin in the Dream Den and had to leave every time.

Now I regret selling Pikmin even more. EVERY TIME I HEAR IT’S NAME I WANT TO PLAY IT…

Curse my selling things for no reason.

Those are some fucking crazy models

I intend to =D ! (minus the pikmin, since it’s already been done).
I already started Olimar, but I don’t know how to make the little light on his antenna.
^Can anybody tell me how I would do this/if I can?

Particle effect on an attachment, but I can’t find a suitible particle effect for it ¬.¬ (I was trying to make an Olimar Kirby).

Would it be possible to create a new particle effect?

Yes, I just can’t figure out how to use the editor :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can, please let me know ^^

Full of win. Silver you should try to make them into npcs. If we could get a full on pikmin pack with NPCs that attack and eat pikmin like they do in game then we might even be able to make a awesome gamemode out of it. Just have about 4 people gather raise pikmin while the other people who play as monsters attack them.

That would be so epic that my head would implode ._.

OMG OMG OMG I LOVE YOU! THANKS!!! I think imma go learn how to make npc’s and make these into npc’s ect THANKS IT IS SO EPIC


We need to make the bulbmin! That way we can have them follow the leader until you kill it. That way you can have bulbmin pikmin! And we need to make the onions work with pellets. and we need to make the pikmin carry stuff to the onions. and we need to make pikmin grow and be pluckable.


I downloaded it btw.