[release]Pluck, search, multiply, divide, conquer.
As soon as you spawn a Pikmin, it becomes your ally, your minion, your friend. Take care of them and they will take care of you. If they die, don’t feel sad. They live to be expendable, and they will not ask you to love them. They only want what’s best for you. :3:

Use your Pikmin command SWep to throw them, issue attack orders, call them to your side, and more. They’ll listen to your every word.[/release]
Complete with models straight from Pikmin 2 (ripped and animated by FluxMage) it looks as though I just copied and pasted the Pikmin out of the game.

All 5 colors of Pikmin are at your disposal. Here are the key differences between them besides visual.
[li]Red: Good attack strength, good health, resistant to fire.
[/li][li]Yellow: Weak attack strength, weak health, thrown higher and farther than the other colors.
[/li][li]Blue: Medium attack strength, great health, can swim in the water.
[/li][li]Purple: Insane attack strength, excellent health, stomps on enemies when he latches on, causing damage. Bogged down by a slow movement speed.
[/li][li]White: Weak attack strength, weak health, emits poison upon death that will linger and damage any enemies

Models for the Pikmin, Onions, and Pellets are all included! So you’re free to pose the Pikmin into whatever positions you want![/release]



(There will never be a garrysmod.org link! Be weary because viruses have been uploaded there under the Pikmin name!)
[li]Fixed the conflict between ASSMod and nectar. (I hope)
[/li][li]Fixed Pikmin not following you when pulled out of the water with anything but the SWep.
[/li][li]They no longer latch onto Rollermines, not only do they spam nectar they are also unkillable so what’s the point?
[/li][li]Filtered what can go into pikmin_create to keep from people spawning “other colors”,
[/li][li]Pikmin no longer get removed when their attack victim is removed.
[/li][li]Blue Pikmin that are attacking underwater use the attack animation instead of the swimming one.
[/li][li]Added a short fadeout to the whistle sound when you release reload.
[/li][li]Removed the console commands for creating the Onion and Pellet menus.

Older versions: (Download at your own risk! These may have bugs that have been fixed in the current version!)

C&C and bug reports please!

Please rate the guy below me the same, he’s half of this project!

Hi everybody, Flux here. Modeler and animator for this project.

Have fun, and make sure to report any problems you have and etc.

There’s hopefully more to come.

Reported already? Dayum. Good job though.

Nice work. It’s a hoot to play with. Unfortunatly it takes a lot of pikmin to kill 10 Gman :stuck_out_tongue:

Ignore me, I’m reading before doing :downs:

It’s finished, for real this time?

Sweet, looks MUCH better than the old release.

Awesome aska, just superb.

Is this it? Is this what everyone been waiting for?
I LOVE YOU! I will download and have fun rest of my life with this thing !!

someone reported your file.

yay it is out!

It got deleted just as I was going to get it. DAMN!

Also, the new olimar gun models are missing.

Wow it got fucking deleted, fuck that haska shit now people believe it is a fake

What do you mean?

Download back up.

Sweet! Finally.

people do not believe its real because that guy released a fake…:frowning:

Yeah, that’s sad that assholes have to make it suckish for everyone else, oh well, better place now, you should’ve known this would happen since the trojan.

Well, at least he re-uploaded it!

Please post any problems here, and be specific. I don’t want this ending up like last time. :uhoh:

To the Olimar model problem, please look in garrysmod/models/weapons/ and delete any of the v_olimar and w_olimar files.

:Head explodes:

 THANKS!! ASKA!! :) 


And you Fluxmage :wink: