Pillar of Autumn

Note: Sorry for the double post… I tried to changed WIP thread’s icon and title to release, but it didnt work.


DOWNLOAD: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=92210

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRvCbmVmaBQ

This pack includes the following props:

*Halo 1’s ‘Pillar of Autumn’
*Halo 1 life pod
*2 official Pillar of Autumn blast doors
*2 official life pod doors

-2-way Pod Bay doubles as 1-way shutlebay
-Markers for easy installation of hydraulic doors
-‘Holographic’ RT screen near the front of bridge




DOWNLOAD: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=92210

Sweet, but how explorable is it?


Its not very explorable at all because its just a prop.

It’s been scaled down considerably from Halo, but features the full bridge, 1 hallway, and a custom fitted (completely noncanon) shuttlebay. The goal here was to achieve both reasonable ship mobility around larger maps, as well as player mobility within.

Even though it sucks as a map, being a prop, it can be loaded into any map - if that makes you feel better =D.


Check the video link in the original post. It has a quick runthrough of the entire prop.

Very interesting, how long did this take to edit this ship insides?

Holy crap, this looks amazing! How scaled-down is it? Considerably, or only somewhat noticeable?

nice work as always man can’t wait to try this with you later on :smiley:

Cool you finished it!

Well it doesn’t fit on gm_construct

Not long at all to make the generic shuttlebay and cut ports for it, but since the bridge is actually a combination of 3 seperate 3D rips, it took an eternity aligning and merging them, and ensuring there were no double vertices/faces. (For everyone wondering why nobody ‘rips the entire map’, yes you Civil, this is why.) It took several hours alone to manually smooth the more elaborate areas of the exterior after I discovered how useless autosmooth was for this.

The faceplate of the bridge (picture #2 of the original post) is still to scale which provides a key. Compare it to this picture of the original. The bridge’s faceplate protrudes from the same section.

If your mainly interested in it’s relation to the hammer grid, here is my version, sitting in flatgrass, next to a full scale version someone made a while back.=P (which comes from the ‘IAC’ (In Amber Clad) pack, but has no useful textures, interior or physics model)

Its still ridiculously large, but definitely capable of maneuvering around most maps.

God damn this thing is huge. Even gooniverse is a little tight for it.

Great model but so much space is being wasted. Can’t more interior be added?

Make a 3d skybox version of this. With whole it resized.

Would be usefull.

Maybe just two extremely large empty rooms in the main body? If the majority of the ship were to be empty, one could fill it by no-colliding a bunch of spacebuild parts to give it an interior space.

Just a thought.

I just couldnt find the motivation to do all this sorry. I just wanted to give it some sort of shuttle bay and release it because I thought it was a shame that it was 85% finished for months, then I just let it sit there until last week.

My goals were: a complete bridge, some sort of pod access, working doors, and overall beauty.

I may eventually release another version with a large cargobay, but I wanted to release this out before I continued my Star Trek pack. It would have been a shame if 1 nearly completed ship had to wait on a pack it wasnt actually going to be a part of.

Oh awesome, you got the marathon decal on the side :smile: You really paid attention to detail.

A++ (not sarcasm.)

More Halo Combat Evolved Props Nessisary.

Barricade, Big blastdoor windowed, Big blastdoor not window, Normal Blastdoor windowed, smal blastdoor, Cortana chip, Glow stick.

[Edit]: Yes I am thinking of making a new thread for this.

Great Job man, downloading right now!

When you are done with the Star Trek pack then can you finish this once and for all. Scale it up, add all the corridors from the Pillar of Autumn to make it a full RP map like the recently released star destroyer. It is a lot to ask, but since you already have it partway done and are a good with big props, so I have faith you could accomplish this.

I definitely wont be adding a more complex interior (other than maybe a large cargo bay),but more along the lines of what civil just said, I do have hallways, junctions, doorways etc already in parts. If civil starts a expanded halo prop pack, I’ll include them as modular interior parts . Otherwise, I’ll include them when I release a full scale version of the pillar so people can build their own interiors. I’ll even do you guys a favor and put physics ‘sheets’ around the hull to protect the props you guys weld inside, along with physics holes to gain entrance.

Keep in mind though this wont be anytime soon.

Why didn’t you try to make the escape pod bay look at least similar to the one in game?