Pillar stuck in the middle, cant place wall. Also, please make wooden walls and pillars destructable.

So what can i do about this? I accidentally placed it in the middle while making a new house.
Please make it so that you can destroy your own wooden walls and pillars with a pickaxe, while other players still have to use c4. This is causing many problems for me, as i cant expand my main house anymore because of wooden walls.

Already being worked on. For now you just have to be more careful in how you place them.

Sure, np. Is there anything i can do about that wall though? Or should i just make a wall around it?

One idea could be make it so pillars can be broken with a rock/hatchet/pick axe if nothing has been placed onto it, such as a wall, doorway.

If you really don’t need that foundation, you can fix it with a pillar and two walls by bringing the wall in. I would then center pillar the borked foundation so it can’t be used for stairs. If you can get one more foundation out there you could fix the outer wall, you would probably need to place the pillar in the rock, but it’s definitely doable.

You really can’t do anything about it unfortunately until the devs finish the building ownership.

I think the easiest approach to fixing this would be the following: Implement a feature that allows the original placer of an object to destroy said object (with relative ease as well). There’s NOTHING wrong with me destroying my own house if i wish, and the only possible downside would be if people made floating houses that are unable to be raided or something. But an easy counter to that is to simply mandate that “floating” pieces can not exist. For example if you went to destroy a pillar that would leave a floating ceiling, it’d just throw an error and say “sorry you cant do that”.

And if you cant do that, at least make pillars destructible in general so when someone botches a placement(which i’m sure we’ve all done at least once), it can be fixed without some extraneous solution.

The problem with destructable pillars and ceilings, etc. is what happens to building that are multiple floors high when someone comes along and blows the main floor?

Does the whole building collapse and get destroyed or does it remain floating in mid air?

What about items like crates, etc that are on ceilings when destroyed?

They are doing work on building ownership which will allow players to remove parts of their buildings when these things happen. The other benefit to this is when someone decides to block you in your own building with their own doors and ceilings, you can just remove a wall and get out.