Pillarcading an exploit?

Hi, Im new here and Im sure this question been asked many times. Is pillarcading an exploit? Barricades on top of a pillar.

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Holy fk, I joined back in 2011? WTF?

From what I have seen the community is pretty divided on this, those that like to stay in there house will tell you it is an exploit, those who like to stay in other people houses (usually with force) will say it isn’t. Either way while it remains in the game it will continue to be done.

I’d say it’s an exploit. Ingenious, but silly.

The trouble is the lack of options for raiding/defending (many C4 vs Many walls/doors) lead to exploits like this becoming a sort of leveler. Yes you can build a gazillion story tower with eleventy hundred doors, but someone might just pillarcade up to your loot room if they can guess/see which one it is somehow.

It’s certainly an exploit. I do think there should be something that allows you to CLIMB the side of a base, perhaps a LADDER or a Grappling Hook. Otherwise everyone will just build upward and that will become a problem. However, it’s a bigger problem having to make bases such as the one below to prevent enemies from climbing the side of your base. It lags the server and is just straight up tedious to maintain.

how do i buy it

is it /buy

All it does it make it substantially cheaper to siege into someones base and it ultimately cheapens the efforts to make a base difficult to break into. I’ve used it and I do think it is a little cheap but I believe it shouldn’t be that hard to fix, surely.

The server is probably running an economy mod with an ingame shop where you can use something like " /buy MP5" to purchase that weapon.

This is an Alpha yo,same thing happens at other Alpha games such as spacesim/arcade games.Right now reality is away from the game.Boxes on pillars or such could be and might be get resolved in future without problem.Therefore,i admit that unraidable bases are awesome ideas however think about it,server with filled unraidable houses or bases.Horrible i say,do not wanna mention about objects count at server side.

I cannot say it’s an exploit or not.Things like this might happen at Alpha,can be shaped at Beta and might get completely removed at Retail version of the game.

Fall damage was not implemented back in the days of Rust but now we have it.Same thing happened with foundations and rocks as well.So almost everything can change in the game.

No smart team uses this type of base anymore, or suicide bases. This can be raided with a spike wall.

The best base now days isn’t tall, its 1 or 2 stories tall and very very wide.

Heh funny you said that cause we just raided a suicide base last night, 4 c4s for a ton of stuff. We also use the flat base design, they have no idea which side to c4.