Pillars can only be placed in the middle of foundations/floors ?

What is he talking about?

I guess we gonna get more info from devblog tomorrow.

i’m pretty sure of it, but what u guys think?

Means pillars can only be centered on floors and foundations now. No need to put them on the corners since they don’t help stability.

Globally I see a series of moves for to reduce the amount of objects in the big houses for to reduce the fps drop…

so, if u build a 5x5 room and if u want to place roof (floor) over it, u will have to place pillars in the middle of foundation? that means only one pillar will be responsible for that floor on it.

Yes, a pillar supports one floor tile above it. It may add to the overall stability though. Maybe that’s why it’s changed.

I play Dev branch and it’s working like shit right now for building. The poles don’t snap to the centre as they should and placing roofs is shit hardly snaps to any location

Well. They do. If you only place the corner pillars it will result in: 77% stability on the secondfloor, if you place the middle pillar also you will increase it to 100% stability

Stability has been garbage for a long time, so basically any improvement is welcome. Can’t wait to see how this pans out.

No, it is NOT an improvement in the least. If anything, they get in the way much more than they used to. Also: Pillars DO effect the stability of the building, IF placed in key positions. As they are now, the change is a hindrance.

I to as well not liking the way the Pillars are now set :frowning: