Pillars / Frames ?

So I started playing Rust after 2 months brake… I think that graphics are much better than before… but I totally hated one change - placing pillars in the middle of foundations ?! Is it going to stay like that ??? It seems like totally idiotic idea… Is this going to be removed with these wooden frames mentioned in the last devblog?


I have to agree, I think changing the pillars to the middle of the foundation is possibly the weirdest/stupidest change I have ever seen happen to rust. (been following the development since January.)

I’m really not sure who the hell thought it would be a good idea to change it, I think it was perfectly fine the way it was, and a lot less ugly and annoying too.

but there’s nothing we can do about it, there may even be a reason for it, we’re just yet to see what that reason is.

Well, pillars were annoying before too. Upgrading them at the same time as your walls was a pain in the ass. But putting pillars in the middle of foundations is, I agree, probably the most retarded thing that happened to Rust, along with the removal of blocks.

Keep in mind, that walls add to stability as well, if building a large tower for whatever reason, make it 3x3 foundations and work upwards, just use walls everywhere (or doorways), 20 stories up, stabuility is around ~80%. Just saying, it doesnt help whining on the forums, test out things as well. :slight_smile:

this thread is over you head. because hes talking about removing middle pillars from game.

The pillars do suck but I agree, most bases don’t even need em

I have big expectations from this frame idea, hopefully they will make it into the game. We’ll see.

My thread is really about removing middle pillars from the game, but also about finding an alternative…

Pillars are not needed everywhere…

They give you the ability to build bigger rooms and not just 1x1 rooms.

If you feel the need to place pillars everywhere it’s your problem.

They are not just for building bigger rooms, they are for building houses with more stories as well, and I bet than more people are building smaller bases with more stories where they need pillars then bases with giant rooms

Frankly, all we need is a model change, where the pillar becomes a set of corner-placed pillars with a cross section connecting them on the top. This way it’s not the middle and also has more visual nicety to it.
Bonus: requires no extra coding!

at least have the option to put pillars in the middle or sides…


I pretty sure pillars are not going to stay this way. but i have got used to this minor annoyance.

Pillars would also look cool if they were a craftable item for shoring up places in your base with bad stability. You place them yourself, much like you would place the new shelves or something. Let players place them where they want.

You don’t have to put pillars everywhere. 1x1 rooms will be perfectly stable without pillars. Anything bigger will most likely need pillars, but that’s how it works in the real world too.

No they’re not. The walls are for building higher. You only need to place pillars if your base is bigger than a bunch of 1x1 rooms. Walls are the equivalent to the old pillars now.

The pillars in the middle caused a loss of creativity! I wanted to make a Wild West saloon like the one in this video but it looks like crap without (or using) the pillars. Why not just make it that you can use it in the 5 positions and when a wall is upgraded…so are the pillars on each end(more cost)?