Pillars Horizontal to build Bridges

Just imagine… set pillars horizontal and build your brigde to the other side of the rock/mountain/house.
Also you could reach the airdrops in the mountains that would be hard/impossible to get otherwise(we know that happens often).

THX and give statements what you think about the idea.

What what would be supporting the pillars up?


We have to go deeper.

You first have to build a foundation, then we need a new pillar version that looks like a gallows. That would give the transition from vertical to horizontal.
Just doin some mindgames plz say when you have better ideas how we could add this feature.

I like this.

Maybe a bridge has to be supported by a structure below it on either side, so if you want to span a large gap, you’d have to create an arch. It wouldn’t necessarily make raiding easier because you’d still have to get high enough to create the span.

One thing though I don’t know is how the devs would make it work since you almost have to require that the structures being bridged have parallel foundations, which can’t be guaranteed for two structures that aren’t already connected. Maybe create some kind of alternate foundation that can’t be built on but serves as a guide for two disparate structures to be created so that they ‘line up’.

It has to be a complete set, 2 gallow pillows to set as parallel checkpoints. And the result of more distance between the checkpoints means more resource costs. What you think?

I agree with this.

“set pillars horizontal” …and they are called beams.

I do like this idea, however.

Cool, more tools for the raiders, can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This kind of pillar could support the ceiling maybe? but the bridge idea is also nice, if the map is going to have river

what it would look like

DONT TROLL i used paint dont comment saying PAINT!


PAINT!!! sorry you just asked for it:PxD

Actually you can build some retarded version of bridges right now,but about what are you suggesting
i have different idea,special pillar costing 60 wood and 30 metal that consist of foundation and a bridge support.You can later build bridge supports out of 60 wood and place them on top of that pillar if u want ur bridge taller. Then you could place different parts of bridge,like bridge floor,but every lets say 10 grids there is a need for another bridge support.What about that?


great i got kiddys to draw immature pictures now :frowning:

I don’t get it. You wouldn’t be able to set a bridge without a foundation, otherwise raiding gets easier.
So if you need a foundation you have to be able to build this foundation on the mountains to build the bridge. If you are not able to build a foundation there will not be a bridge so you still don’t get the airdrop. But if you are able to build a foundation you are able to build pillars and stairs to get to the airdrop.

So where was your point by that example?

To say something about the idea itself I wouldn’t ask for beams or special pillars and all that stuff.
Simply put some fences into this game so we can build a foundation at the ground, get up with pillars on each corner, set a ceeling on top and put fences on the side.
= There you got your bridge.