"Pilot Licence...? Revoked... DUN DUN DUUUN"

No L4D picture is complete without grain and muzzleflashes.


Zoey appears to be using incorrect normal maps.

Posing seems nice

Yes excellent posing. Like the way she is holding the gun.

I loled at louis

Louis looks like he just saw the witch rape bill

What incorrect normal maps?

What unedited picture?


Dont try to be sneaky. You might just get hurt.

Not being sneaky.

I’M BEEN NINJA :ninja:

Oh noes, grab the shotgun.

How do you get L4D maps into gmod?

Compiling and mapping.

And a giving up a weekend.

Post them on garrysmod.org for us!

Can you um, help me out with that mang.

And I’m still workin’ on that .pdf

Awesome, we’ll both appreciate it

Nice man, the chopper is a bit to close though.

What Chopper? Nice, but the muzzle flash seems wierd.


Oh yeah, some minor clipping. Nice picture.

I dont know whats going on but its nice.

I gather you haven’t played Crash Course yet?