pilot skin

i searched pilot and found a bunch of threads but none of them had one pilot skin in them id like either
a USAF pilot and/or

a clone trooper pilot



preferably hexed or if u have the skill a completeley new ragdoll and playermodel

o cmon its not that hard D:

If its not that hard, Do it yourself.

skinning is easy but i dont kno how to model

I could have sworn I seen a ragdolled pilot just like in the first picture, but I can’t fucking remember where. Fuck.

Probably from that COD4 model pack.

I think it was that Battlefield 2 pack, but I’m not sure.

i looked at the battelfield 2 pack and it has a pilot helmet but i dont think its on a ragdoll


AHA, I knew it.

Go look for Medal of honor 2010 models pack, there should be pilot similar to that picture.

Is that clone pilot pic a shot from the actual movie?

God it looks bad.