Pilotable Strider

I’ve seen controllable helicopters, gunships, hunters and all, but never a strider.

I would be very beneficial for me to find one. Can anyone make/find one?

I want it so your in full control of the strider, like your the strider so to speak.



There’s one thing called “Handy Strider”, but I’ve never gotten it to work. My friend said once, he had a player possessor that worked on NPCs, but I never verified that, and he can’t code himself a SANDWICH (in real life, he would implode before he even knew how to make a new Lua file.), so he DEFINITELY didn’t make it.

WAIT! Handystrider, just learned! I was doing it wrong!

This, unfortunately, does not let you CONTROL the strider, just control what it shoots. read description for instructions.