Pilots and ground crew Player Models

Hey I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make or port a few player models. (hell if I wasn’t so lazy I’d give it a go myself lol)

I wouldn’t mind the following.

Aircraft pilots
Ground crew
Carrier crew
Helicopter crew

I wouldn’t mind a good range of models, both male and female if possible? Thanks in advance.

hell, if i wasnt so lazy, id tell you to pay up or gtfo

We have some pilots.



Crysis had some ground crew models if I remember correctly. Black Ops too.

the question is if they’re ported. havent see any of them around.

Oh, they’re not. I was just suggesting games that could be ported from.

crysis 1 has some great carrier crew models, but no one’s done those,

as for pilots, the MOH 2010 pack has a great chopper pilot but he’s not a player model, but it’s better looking than the COD4 one

Meh, even with that pack floating around, people tend to use CoD models in poses that may concern real warfare.
Tlsaudrl2548 had a CoD 4 pack with a (female) pilot, but it got removed by FileFront/GameFront. Oh well.