thanks to the sonic ragdoll and pimp buggy skin i made the pimp sonic wallpaper yes I know it sucks but I wanted to show you guyz anyways


if you guys can make this better please do and post iit on this thread


lol water mark is gone but not anivirus sighn is not

My eyes…


That makes my eyes water, in the not good way…

Hahaha, what is with the antivirus in the bottom right corner.

Oh yea and my eyes are very tingly and will probably explode in a matter of minutes…

Oh god…I said this when that skin was released and I’ll say it again; pink is not pimp.

This isn’t pimp, either. gm_construct and crap material rape.

Come on, be honest; Who would set THAT picture as a wallpaper?
Sorry, but it’s not good.

Augh… I agree with everyone else… makes me’ eyes want to run away and not come home.

Why show it if you knew it sucked… you most probably knew what the feedback would be like aswell.

Do you mean bleeding water cuz blood is i think mostly water just a guess ^^

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Holy Jesus, I remember this thread. And why was it bumped?

He needs some hoes to be a real pimp, a cane might help too.

because the user above you don’t know how to read or is trolling?