Pine Tree

I’m trying to make a wintry themed map, and I’m wondering if there’s a good pine tree model anybody could suggest, as well as how to import it for use with Hammer.

Pretty sure there’s a TF2 tree that could work. Or you could try importing a tree from HL2E2

That seems good, but how would I import the model?

TF2 Tree like in this picture

BTW made it myself but it sucks

HL2:Episode 2 has a lot of foliage props you could use

Heres a pack of trees similar to the episode 2 trees but they have LOD models.

Might not look great but you can have 1000s of trees without killing your pc.
See if you can ask someone to retexture them for +5 winter.

Failing that there is a skyrim pack somewhere, thats snowy and stuff.