Pineapple model?

Could someone make a pineapple model? (Preferably with gibs like the watermelon)
I want it because of the pysch reference, and also because having a pineapple in gmod would be awesome
Reference pics

I would try, but I’m not sure how the hell I would make all those spikes.

On the shell? its ok if you just use a texture with a bumpmap.
Or do you mean the top part

Just the shell. I can do the top part, probably. Bump maps wouldn’t work.

Ok, you dont have to make the spikes just use a texture. dont matter if it looks super amazing… haha

i think a texture would do just fine

haha just wondering why do you want a pineaple model ? :stuck_out_tongue:

cause pineapples are a melons best friend


Bump, anyone working on this/willing to make it?

I rushed on this but it will look better once I spend time adjusting the leaves to look more like the request picture. Though, I’m not sure how many polygons this should have; will you have dozens of these props on the ground at once or is this a high quality special prop?

Thats one sexy pinapple!


Thats perfect. I want it to be just like that but with a texture haha. thank you so much
Oh and for the collision model, dont have the leave things be collideable.


Is it too late to give this a try?

also, about how big should this be? like, about as big as the melon?

Not too late.
Yeah, about as big as the melon

Yup,it is!

Ive done model, the textures dont work though. I can’t get them working. I can give someone all the files for it to work in GMod, they just have to skin it.

also, the .phy file is pretty fucked up as well.

Give me the file, ill get the material working.
Actually, can you make it about 1.5x as big? thansk