Ping Kicker - Addon

This addon is designed to kick people from your game/server who have high pings over 400. So it saves you from kicking them.

It kicks with the message, “Auto-Ping kicked (Ping 400+)”

Just put it in:



Find server with this > DDos Server > Makes everyones ping above 400+ > Sit back and laugh how the server just got empty.

Ps. I’m not saying I will do it, I’m saying someone can go and abuse this.

Why would you kick someone for having a high ping?


This isn’t CSS or CSGO Or Half life 2 Deathmatch… You don’t kick for high ping in Garry’s mod because last I check it doesn’t effect anyone.

Most of the time people gets high ping (sometimes 0% accurate) because of the server itself.

But anyway, low ping is always better than high ping, and can make a difference in your gameplay. People tend to be much easier to kill at low ping.

You don’t want people dunno going around lagging on your screen.

Kicking players with high pings is completely pointless.

It happens rarely, and if the player has high ping they normally don’t stick around.

Have a brain and think about what you’re trying to do.

Interesting idea, it can be a bit unfun when someone has 900+ ping and you can’t kill them or whatever. Although often when people have high ping, it’s usually just for small periods of time before they drop back down again, which might get a little irritating.

At least you support me, unlike all these Vixens. On my first get addon…

If you don’t think Facepunchers appreciate it, throw it up on the Workshop and I’m sure there’ll be people who find it helpful

Good idea!

I don’t think you should develop things if you can’t take constructive criticism.

The only time “lagging around” happens is packet loss, which generally doesnt make your ping go high, it just drops packets.

this add-on is badly coded (why is it not an addon, the fuck?) and its use is not needed

I don’t really see this as being a bad addon, it really is dependent on what game-mode it is being used in. Now I do think you should give players a certain amount of ping checks and then kick them based on that.

Also you should be as lenient as possible with this , I have horrible HORRIBLE internet, and so does the majority of america. If this is to strict it can kill off your player base.

Then America should do better. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, America shouldn’t have to do better (although I wish we could, please?), you need to try and be as inviting and open to players who are doing you the honor of playing on YOUR server. They don’t need you believe it or not, you need them, and if you’re kicking them left and right for “High Ping”, which doesn’t really matter whatsoever in Gmod when hit-detection is shit half the time anyway, then you’re losing the majority of your players.

Not to mention because it’s summer, a lot of the kiddies are out 24/7 and sit inside on their PC’s all day, think of all the obese American kids who will have to join another server because they get kicked for high ping?

Ping kicking is absolutely **useless **due to nature of Source Engine. If **you **have high ping, the only one who makes it gameplay harder for is you. It won’t make your server run slower (most of skids say it will) or it won’t crash your server in any way. LATENCY of USERS doesn’t affect SERVER perfomance at all. High ping won’t make you harder to kill, but will make it harder for you to kill others.

So uh, there’s absolutely no need to kick people with high ping.

It doesn’t affect anyone in modern games anymore, since old times.

I first read this as Pig Kicker :suicide: