Pinion script (HELP)

Hello, and sorry for any grammatical errors I am Italian.
I am using the Pinion script on my server to make advertising.
When the motd opens with the advertising it’s impossible to play, until the motd don’t close.
Can you fix this problem?

Video: [video=youtube_share;Wsha1yNqDRg][/video]

I want to be able to move, even when I see the ad.

Download script:


When a window open up like that you will automatically lose control. There’s nothing you can do about it.


Do you even understand what Pinion is?

Why are you using Pinion. Plz no

What is your server IP so I can blacklist it from my browser list.
No way I’d join some ad filled server, probably has horrible techno dub step loading music too.

Oh my god really? An ad pops up every time you die? Never joining that server

Put one in the motd and thats it

Please dont turn garrys mod into tf2…

protip: run this lua script upon joining servers:

then you’ll never have to see another shitty pinion panel again

This is pretty bad. Please just pay for the server, it’s not worth making your playerbase suffer through that shit.

How much do you pay for your server? I can probably find you a way cheaper deal with the same if not better hardware.