Pink and Black Checkered Eyes

A couple of my HD models that I download have pink and black checkered eyes. I think it may possibly be my graphics card, but a fix/help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :smiley:

P.S.I have counter strike, and both episodes installed, and mounted properly…

It’s not your graphics card that’s about all I can tell ya…

Follow this tutorial:

All the games that apply, are already opted into SteamPipe

That means its the model creator’s fault if you’ve done all that…

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And you have started up the games, right?

Yes, I’ve opened them all, what specific game is required for all the HD stuff, I’m pretty sure it’s HL Ep2 but… I doubt it’s the authors, all of them are very popular, and come from many different creators. Thanks for at least trying to help :smiley: