Pink and Black Checkered Models? -- Please help!

I’m really new at Gmod so I need some easy-to-follow tips or instructions for fixing this problem!

I downloaded Zelda TP Models off of this site and got them to show up in the game, but the problem is that everything is covered in a pink and black checker board. I’m guessing there is a problem with the texture files or they aren’t in the right place or something, because everything I’ve tried putting into Gmod is turning out this way. All the models and thumbnails of the models are pink and black checker boards, but the models are at least the right shape of what they’re supposed to be (ex: the Midna model is still shaped like Midna, just covered in the checker board thing).

If anyone has any advice or help they can offer, PLEASE help! Anything is greatly appreciated!

Happened to me too with some of the pill pack monsters and when I go online people have that as their skin.

Only thing I can guess is textures are saved wrong or something…

lets just wait till a pro at gmod comes to help, eh?

Also, Midna rocks! :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re missing the materials for the model.

I’m trying to look at Midna too! I am also getting the same thing.

Re-install it, you must have put it in wrong. Find your addons folder and stick it in there, but only if it’s in addon format. If it doesn’t work then sorry.

12th July 2008

I know :saddowns:

Doesn’t matter he has the same problem but no one ever posted a fix so would you rather

  1. Have him make threads and others
  2. bump this and hopefully let new members see a fix

better to bump, methinks… then the weight of the issue is preserved, by showing ALL the individuals who added comments to show that they had the problem, as well as keeping the clutter down. I, too have this issue, and am trolling the web for a solution as I type this…

Missing textures caused by not having all the required core games or your gmod is a hacked version
one of the two

Alright, what games do you have for steam? (VALVe games)

The problem is usually that you don’t have Counter Strike: Source, Half-Life 2 or HL2 Episode 1 & HL2 Episode 2.

And if you have a hacked version of Gmod then you will also be missing the textures

Hacked versions wouldn’t necessarily give you missing textures, would they?

some do.

Not that, I would know.

the “stand alone” version floating around p2p sites gives missing textures and alot of the ad-ons will not work and you cannot join games etc. it also causes crashe, blue screens, and wont work with most graphics cards.
Yes i admit i played with it but i have the legit version now. it works alot better and is worth the 9 dollars to get it
Point being just buy the game its cheap and faster to install and is optimized to work better than the garbage hacked versions out there AND you will get proper support if there is an issue

Steam games i have for gmod core: