Pink and Black custom Models in Hammer

Hello, I have been putting some custom models into my hammer and in the world model selector scene, they are either pink and black checkered, or not appearing.
Is there a way I can make the textures appear as they should?

Did you remember to also put the models material in it’s correct folder?

I put the models in the models folder and the materials in the materials folder. Is that what you mean?

The materials must go in the materials/models folder

If i dont have one should i make one?

I created a models folder in my materials folder and only half of the custom models show up or aren’t pink and black checkered.

Give me a link to what you downloaded and I will explain where you should put everything to make it work.

I got a few, but here they are.

Pack one:
Just extract the materials and models folder directly into the ep2 folder if you’re mapping for ep2. hl2 if half life 2. css if counter-strike source and so on.
Pack two:
Same deal. (The materials and models folder will be there if you keep opening the folders inside the .zip)
Pack three:
Same as pack one, just open the first folder and both materials and models folder will be there.

i put them in the ep2 folder inside Half Life 2 Episode 2 in my steamapps but they are still messed up.

They used to be black and pink checkered but now they are errors.

Also some don’t show up too.


They seem to be all the same, and would this work with any props or models?

And sorry about that post with the snip on it, i need it deleted.

Every model useable in source have files to be put in model and files to be put in materials folder.
If you still cannot get it to work, add me on steam or something and I can guide you through it.

Ok, I’m going to try it again and see if I did something wrong, thank you for helping!