pink and black

on the map GM_REACTION (and tahts the only one) i get that painful black and pink error where all water is pink a black. ive serched around the form and apparently youll jsut asking me same group of questions…

not pirated
plenty good graphics card

also, its not just with water, its with a bunch of other textures too. ive tried the water fixes, they didnt help
ach i feel like breaking this computer…

also, on a side not, what models do i need for gm_reaction? i might as well ask cause i cant find the answer

Read its thread. It says you need Episode 2

i got episode 2, still have red errors (thoguh not as many)

wait let me correct that. i got the ep2 foliage pack

and the pink/black is a bit more important to me…

So you saying you got the actual Ep2 game or just a foliage pack? Try mounting the game from the menu

Click Gmod settings- Check the game you want to mount- Close-restart

ok ill try that

EDIT: nope. it was already checked

I’m going to guess that the sky and water (possibly the buildings) are both pink and black. They use Ep2 textures. The errors are Ep2 items. So you NEED Ep2

are you kidding me… i need to buy half life…

The pink and black checerbox means a missing texture. You will need Half Life 2: Episode 2 and possably some others. If you can see the water but the reflection is Pink and Black, then the cubemaps havn’t been built. Don’t build them if you want to go on a server though as the server will think you have a completely different map afterwards.

is it possible to download the textures alone? cause i dont feel like spending birthday cash on game… i need some airsoft

No because it would be warez, which is illegal and we will not go into it.

i have the same problem, with the textures that is, not with money, i’m thinking of buying the orange box for pc, and sell my copy for the xbox 360 :smiley:

omo, i meant just textures not game… ach this sucks

Still warez.

Taking textures out of the game is warez,dont do it or you’ll probably get banned from facepunch besides nobody helping you.

wasnt planning on it. might bang my face on the fridge for a bit though