Pink and turquoise female TF2 classes

I, basicly, am looking for someone willing to do some retextures of the current female versions of the Team Fortress 2 classes: Scout, Engie, Medic, Spy, Pyro and Heavy.

The idea is to make them wear pink clothes for RED and turquoise clothes for BLU (No need to edit the Uber textures).

This isn’t only for GMod purposes, I’m trying to make a Female Spy recolour with said colours but VTFedit is way too hard to use for me.

Well, there you go. If someone does it, thank you; if nobody wants to do it, well I’ve tried.

The models I’m talking about are here:

Are you gonna pay me?


Then don’t expect anything to get done, modeling isn’t a super quick and easy thing.

Those female classes I’ve mentioned already exist on, LOOK IT UP!! You just have to do a little change of colours here and there on the .vtf files.

I apologize for the double post, but I’d like to announce that I’ve edited the original post with the links for the models.

For those who want a payment for this:

  1. I don’t use dollars.
  2. Do I REALLY have to pay for just a bunch of retextures? Seriously, think about it…

That Pyro Model looks pretty ugly (in the sense that it’s out of place for TF2), IMO.

But anyways, VTF Edit is incredibly easy to use, and recolors are incredibly easy to do. If VTF Edit is too complicated for you, there are VTF plugins for GIMP, Paint.NET, and Photoshop as well.

Well, yeah maybe that Pyro girl is out of topic… But it looks pretty good for me (I suppose that you have your tastes anyway).

And, do you know a site where I can download that plugin for GIMP? Or I can just Google it.

This is the one listed on the Valve Developer Community.

After exporting your VTF (for your purposes, just pick DXT5 for the format), make a .VMT file (if there isn’t one already. For reskins there will be one already) with notepad and put this in it.

	"$basetexture" "[TEXTUREPATH]\[TEXTURENAME]"

Texture path being whatever directory the vtf file is inside materials. (EG. If the vtf were in garrysmod\materials\models\whatever, the I would put models\whatever in place of [TEXTUREPATH]).

On the point of the pyro, it isn’t that the model looks bad, it’s the unnecessary sexing up of it. All the other models are conservatively dressed how you expect someone in that situation to be. The Female Pyro has most of her chest exposed and her hair out. Imagine the 3rd degree burns. That flame retardant suit isn’t there for nothing, she is a pyro after all.

I think the best female pyro model would probably be this, I would suggest using that one as it looks more like the tf2 pyro rather than the other strange looking one

This one actually looks relatively plausible for a TF2 character since it’s not so over the top.

if you have photoshop (or you can download the VTF plugin and go nuts.

After trying to retex, I can officially say that I suck at GIMP…

Besides, there’s also the problem that I’m a bloody lazy ass way too often…

There’s a VTF plugin for Paint.NET.

I may get that one. Is Paint.NET free?


The URL is, conveniently,

This would be relatively easy to do and I would do it for you if I got an explanation as to what you want to use them for.

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nevermind sonic avatar

Basicly for Gmod pictures and videos and for a TF2 skin project related with the Female Spy skin…

And what’s the matter with my avatar if I could know? Eyebrow raising

(Apologies for the double post)

Well, since nobody is willing to do this little thing, this project is ded! Not big surprise.