Pink/Black Textures

After an update with garrys mod recently, my physgun, both default maps (construct and flatgrass) and some player models have been covered with Pink/black textures, I also cannot see the hand in 1st person while holding a gun, and my revolver is completely invisible for me, I have tried clean installing garry’s mod, verifying my game cache via the steam option, I have clean installed all of my source games (HL2, HL2E1 HL2E2, HL2:LC TF2, Portal), I have also set the launch options to -dxlevel 80, again with no change, this is very annoying and it would be great if someone could help, thanks

Your other Source games are not the issue.

  1. Delete any Garry’s Mod folders in (username) and common
  2. Turn off Steam Cloud Sync for Garry’s Mod
  3. Delete local content and reinstall
  4. Put -dxlevel 95 in your startup parameters. -dxlevel 80 is broken and 95 is now the best.