Pink & Dirty Neon

I dunno what else to call it.
The image just pop’d up in my head so I decided to quickly capture it in the only way I could, in gmod. :v:

I’m still up for C&C though!

inspired by the new deus ex amirite

What map?

City 18 I believe or 08 I’m not sure.


I’m actually going to start playing the first Deus Ex game pretty soon.
but no it’s not, maybe my brain put it together from seeing promos for it and I felt original.


I just noticed the Black Mesa logo on the pistol. :buddy:

Nice. But why is the lighting on him red while the pistol’s is pink? Idk if it was intentional but its the only flaw that I see.

It’s not the BM logo, it’s just a Mass Effect pistol. If I didn’t say it, everybody would start telling me how there will be a portal in Episode 3 that will lead to the Mass Effect Universe. :words:
Anyway, nice picture, where did you get the trenchcoat guy? I’ve looked on and found only Combine Metrocops. :saddowns: (I’m already replaying the first DX by the way)

Black Mesa symbol.

Well I was close dammit!
The character is a mix of S-Low’s Rorschach and one of Rusty’s Barney skins with some magic inflator work.


and glasses from the gear pack.

Is that Keanu Reeves?

No it’s Ethan from Heavy Rain.

he’s looking for Shaun.

I like this. Fancy depth-of-field and it reminds me of Bladerunner. Nice work.

Are you a bad enough dude to save your son?

the colors are nice