Pinned Threads Should Not Unpin After You Read It

Pretty straightforward, noticed that pinned threads don’t float above everything naturally. I see why, because of the last visit separator, but it’s a little counter intuitive.

Originally thought pinned threads didn’t float up. Turns out pinned threads get unpinned after you read them. Pinning them yourself keeps them pinned even if you read them again. I propose it should be the opposite, stay pinned until you unpin (if unpinning is even allowed at all ), as we have a bookmarking system for threads of interest and pins are generally more administrative. My post later is pretty much the same.

If this is some silly thing built into the forum software and can’t be changed, I guess just make it highlighted so it pops out.

Actually now that I look at the other sections, pinned threads with REPLIES get unpinned

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Bottom of that thread:

Is this a bug or intentional?

I think they get unpinned when you read them

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Yep, you’re right. Also if I manually pin it myself afterwards it’ll stay pinned.

I feel like it should be the opposite. Stay pinned unless the user decides to unpin it ( if they even should at all ). Since we have bookmarks for threads we want to keep interest in, pinning becomes more of an administrative thing.

I’ll adjust the OP and title

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