Sorry for the JPG-rape. Forgot to raise quality on the screenshot to 100.

Also set the wrong topic icon. It’s supposed to be the [ART] one.

i don’t see how putting your boot on someone’s stomach/groin in that position is going to stop them from sweeping your other leg out from under you or taking away your bow

it’s such an illogical pose

I somewhat agree with Lebowski, but I like the idea.

It’s supposed to be a kick, hence the motion blur on the leg. Guess I failed at that.

Not that great at all. Fails to make sense. If you would like to know why it doesn’t make sense please refer to this post

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looks like sniper is struggling to get hold of the bow and constantly fumbling with it

Just look at a couple of reference pictures while u make a pose, so u don’t have to struggle “imagining” the whole pose in your head.

The pose wasn’t top-notch, but the idea was conveyed quite well. Sniper kicks scout into wall, pins him with arrow.

i actually quite like this, shame about the graphics though

If the legs was against his chest it would be better

im getting tired of tf2 pictures