"'Pinnochio... This is an old one. Would you like me to read it to you?"-MA:N Reads a book

Mechanical Assistant: Newton; or just Newton, expresses his fondness of books to his peers.


Just some ‘more-thought-than-effort’ work I decided to do. I hope to make something worth viewing over the weekend or next week. I’m hoping to expand on this (and my other stories) aswell. We’ll see. I have things I want to do and others I have to do.
As with the other picture I wanted to add a certain bleakness to the picture without having it all grit and gray. Whether or not I succeeded is for you to judge.

oo i like how they are like pinnochio

Yeah, well, ur banned.

tsk tsk Kracker…

bye kracker :frown:

Somehow, the AA seems off. Otherwise, your images are always welcome. Such a wonderful contrast compared to most MW2 screenshots, in my opinion.

I love this.
No seriously, I just feel happy seeing the damn title. :buddy:

Really cool idea.

By the way, have you got a link to the big mech model? I can find the humanoid but nothing more.

That’s in DT’s fancy huge pack, lemme dig up the link



Making viewers and readers happy, makes me happy. Thanks.

Combo breaker

Which part has it?

I love the pose. if only because it’s unique. The fact that it’s well done is another matter altogether :slight_smile:

Is the background Cs_Night fever?

And nice Crimson King avatar.

Yes. I always seem to use cs_nightfever as a my default map now. Ever since my Psi-Cops pictures.

As for the Crimson King avatar: Thanks, made it myself. Almost finished reading Wizard and Glass The Dark Tower IV and I’m pretty much obsessed with The Dark Tower. Even these most recent pictures regarding Newton ( or MA:N) are semi-inspired by Lud, the desolate city of The Wastelands (The Dark Tower III). I guess these three are Newton’s ka-tet too.

FYI, I gave everyone hearts, but you know how the system is (need more than one, I think, for it to be seen.)

d’wwwwaaaaaaaaaaa :3

Ben, where did you get that large robot and the dog?

It was answered for you a few posts up. I can’t say specifically what section of the pack it is in because I don’t know.

I can really connect with this one, the angle is definetly not the best, but the title really persuades the audience with the suspension of disbelief by actually adding what someone would say rather than a wise quote or something very to the point.

Deep yo.

The dog robot looks so cute