Pip-Boy 3000

[release][tab]Name:[/tab]Pipboy 3000

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1

[tab]Description:[/tab] Pipboy 3000

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Garry’s mod and Pipboy 3000

[tab]Download:[/tab] http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?lyonkhxtmxz [/release]

Just drop “models” and “materials” folder into

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps(your account)\garrysmod\garrysmod
Took a while getting the size fit on the citizen models and j.barnes hexing them all. Custom smooth the model and as well as fill in the odd holes in the pipboy.
Thanks to J.barnes for reskining 17 different screens of the pipboy.

Should be able to fit on the citizen arm just fine. As for combine, you might need to inflate his arm to fit it.

Copy rights, Bethesda Softworks

All 17 hex reskin pipboy 3000.
Full image



Dude really cool, beats my Pipboy out of the water.

Ooh, awesome.

awesome!i always wanted a pipboy with more then 1 screen, downloading now :slight_smile:

We hope you guys enjoy them. That and this project taught me to haul ass a bit more on projects. Seriously this took longer than it should have. And for that I apologize.

Now get cracking on poses people!

Yup, sadly some people like think negative towards others if it not release or just being teaser.

“Wall O Text”

I respect J. Barnes but not you, all you have to do is fucking go into a FO3Archive then port the model and give it to J. Barnes, He really did all the work sadly. I think all the thanks should go to him not you.

Great job to the BOTH of you.

There’s nothing to apologize for. Did this in your spare time.

And you didn’t either? XD J.Barnes wanted to help with the fallout ports.

Here’s what coming next later. can you do that … <.> beside badly done props


sweet, hopefully people wont bitch about it!

Hey now, nexus has been working hard on fallout ports too.

They both should get the thanks.

Great work, you guys

Put diaper changing station here

Nice work, I have got to get this game :smiley:

Now that is awsome.

Without Nexus I wouldn’t have been able to get the opportunity to work on these. I know zero when it comes to modeling, and Nexus is my main guy.

I’m not sure what’s going on between you guys, but let it go dude. Let’s not shit up the thread with unnecessary forum drama. Let’s just enjoy the release.

I hope to god you’re rigging the Chinese Stealth Suit.

What ever he’s just throwing over a hissy fit. :confused: i laugh when he said “all you have to do is fucking go into a FO3Archive then port the model and give it to J. Barnes” XD I’m pretty sure that how he did it too ahaha wow.

Working on it still.


Haha, nice Nexus :smiley:

good job and good luck on next models.

I lol’ed at the Megaman PIPBOY screen :slight_smile: I am gonna reskin them Red screened for me. I like red screen :smiley: